Camry 数码行李秤 EL10

Camry 数码行李秤 EL10

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Key illustration 
 待機 / Z/T : Switch on/off (press for 2 seconds switch off)
UNIT : Convert between weight unit and temperature  

1. Strap the webbing belt through the luggage handle , and secure the hook of the belt onto the triangle ring. 
2. Press  待機 / Z/T to switch on the scale before lifting ( ensure no stress ) 
3. When display shows zero , press UNIT to select weight unit.
4. To re-weigh: press  Z/T to reset LCD display to zero.
5. Lift the scale gently. Make sure the scale is horizontal and balanced. LCD shows the weight of luggage. Wait for weigh reading to stop and stabilise , flash 3 times and locked, Scale will display weight reading for 2 minutes and automatically switch off. 
6. When weight reading is locked, press  Z/T to reset LCD display to zero and start new weighing. Scale will autimatically switch off if idle for 1 minute.

Room Temperature 
1. Press  待機 / Z/T to switch on the device, wait until LCD shows zero . Press UNIT to view temperature ( in Celsius and Fahrenheit). Press UNIT again to revert the normal weighing mode.
2. When converting to temperature display mode, LCD shows "----" , meaning the scale is testing temperature and will display temperature reading in 2 seconds. 

To replace battery 
LCD will display "Lo" when battery power is low. Replace battery as follows: 
1. Hold the scale in one hand. The thumb and index finger of the other hand hold and press on the screw threads of the battery case and pull out the battery case from the slot. 
2. Push corner A outswards to release the used battery. 
3. To insert new battery, slide one side of new battery beneath the retainer notch B & C. Press the other side of battery till it clips underneath the corner A. Ensure the observe the polarity as illustrated in the drawing. 

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